New Market, New Challenge, New Opportunities: Exploring Denmark

Over the past 10 years, smartphones have redefined how people live and interact with each other. In the next five years, the smartphone usage would continue to grow in penetration. Besides the growth positive effect of the smartphone, the negative effect also needs a concrete action from its users. Therefore, Sidekick Mattie has the idea to explore through the countries outside the Netherlands.

“New Market, New Challenge, New Opportunities” is an English serie where we take a look into the countries with a potential for Sidekick Mattie. This serie will contain three blogs.



As our first new target market, we would like to deliberate about Denmark. The internet users in Denmark are 5,534,770 users which are around 90% of the total population. Denmark has the highest internet penetration in Northern Europe. Talking about technologies and the Danish people, the Danish population has always been quick to adopt new technologies. When Facebook was first introduced to a broader public, Denmark became a country with one of the highest numbers of adopters in the world. Around 71% of the population are active social media users of Facebook in 2017. Not only was the country also awarded as the World Happiest country in the world. Based on World Happiness Report in the country has earned for seven consecutive years! In general, the research is often measured using objective indicators (data on crime, income, civic engagement, and health) and subjective indicators (asking people frequently they experience positive and negative emotions).


Known as the happiest country, does not guarantee that the country has a lower stress level or the suicide case. The number of Danes saying they have a high-stress level has risen from 20.8 percent in 2010 to 25.1 percent in 2017, which equates to over 1 million people. The report shows that unemployed people are the ones who feel most stressed. There is also an increasing number of people who feel lonely and a large number of these are troubled by sleeping difficulties, depression, tiredness, and angst. With all this combination, the happiness research organization concern about the quality life of people with social media and digitalization era. Even worse, based on the local”, the Danish news media reported that one out of ten people in Denmark take a medicine daily or weekly to help them cope with their work or everyday life. Guess they don’t feel themselves the happiest.


Based on the research conducted from “The Happiness Research Institute”, people who did not use Facebook for the entire week proved to have a higher level of life satisfaction. It also increased the satisfaction of their social life. People have the tendency to focus on what other people have, meanwhile with Facebook people tend to compare their life with friends.

Curious about which countries that we would like to target as our next new market? Follow us on our next blog to know more about our latest update.


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